How we do it

The way!

Step 1

Define Requirements

Following discussions with you, we define the high level objectives of the project. Where possible we will do this in a face to face meeting, where time or location does not allow we use online tools. Requirements definition ensures we as developers fully understand the business objectives we are delivering against and you as the customer understand what will be delivered.

Step 2

Architect Solution

Based on the requirements, we identify the technical solution for the new development. We will confirm the platform we will use (content management system) and identify customised functionality that we may need to develop. The output of this phase is the blueprint that our design and development teams follow as we create your new online solution.

Step 3

Design Interface

Creating the custom design for the new website based on your input and our expertise. At School Websites we custom design all of our websites, the solution we deliver will be unique to both you and your business. Part of the development process is our focus on the user experience (UX), how the site will be used by visitors is equally as important as its appearance.

Step 4

Develop functionality

Using the architecture and design as the guidelines we develop the associated website functionality. All of our developers have extensive training and experience in the development of modern websites. We follow best practise approaches and stay current with latest technology thinking. We utilise Git for version control ensuring a robust development and release life cycle.

Step 5


School Websites test the new website and then support you as you confirm the solution meets your requirements. Before release to you, we will perform an internal smoke test on the new site that ensures the functionality we have developed is working as we expect. We then support you as you and your team review and use the site as you expect it to be used. Making adjustments as required.

Step 6


Once fully tested to your satisfaction we then push the website to go live. During this process internal checks are conducted to ensure the transfer is seemless. From here the site will now start to deliver the required user experience and analystics for review.

Final 7


Support during the development lifecycle is a standard part of the School Website offering, equally important is our ongoing support of our customers as they continue to enhance their online presence and effectiveness of their website. We are happy to assist answering questions as they arise, there is always someone available to help!