Our General Manager, Dave Wood, has been involved as a member of respective boards of Trustees for schools which his own children attended and understands the challenges felt by schools to provide high qulaity teaching services with tight budgets which only seem to get tighter year on year.
What we want to do at School Websites is provide cost effective solutions to New Zealand Schools while also providing a great online product  and supporting them in the future.

Children take to technology at an unbelievably fast rate and at younger ages than in the past. We want to provide schools with websites that can provide the right tools for them, look appealing, introduce them to the internet as a safe site that they can and will want to visit while also performing important tasks for schools, parents and the community by improving processes using the online features of the site.

If you would also like to help us and be a part of our ongoing campaign to bring cost effective online solutions to our New Zealand Schools then please get in touch with us to discuss how.



The team at School Websites is made up of IT experts who have a combined total of over 500 high quality websites made in New Zealand in the last few years alone .
We come from different backgrounds in the IT, Design and Online Industries, working together to improve the websites of our New Zealand Schools.

Of course you can, School Website's will talk you through how to update the system and add anything you like......the guys would also like you to bear in mind that as a Partner of School Website's we are more than happy to make small changes for you so you can concentrate on your School.

School Website's are based in Albany, North Shore. You can contact us on our Contact page, email us on info@schoolwebsites.co.nz, give us a call on +64 9 448 1215 or if you are in the local area please pop in and have a coffee and ask any questions you would like.
Once we know exactly what will benefit your school we can put together all the information and then we can make it happen.

Thats not a problem, School Website's are your online partner and we can guide you through anything technical that you would need to do.

Your Project Manager will guide you through the process and do as much as possible for you and will consult with you in English, (not Tech code!) when the development team needs some additional information.

School Website's are using cutting edge technology. The website is built on the "School Website Drupal Engine", meaning that your school owns all the content, has easy access to update and change info when required, and the site is mobile optimisied for use on all mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.) 
The website will have an online portal with access for Students, Teachers and Parents to Microsoft Office 365 while also having easy access to Calenders, absence leave requests and events to keep parents and the community informed.